Tips On Help You Clean The Vegetables More Clean

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Weather is getting hot, the food more abundant. Every year, many people infected because of food problems, most of them are caused by eating vegetables or cold dishes, and nitrite in vegetables is likely to be more harmful than an ingredient in pesticides.

Due to excessive application of nitrogen fertilizer, nitrate content in vegetables are often high, after conversion to nitrite, and protein decomposition products may be synthesized N-nitrosamines, such as gastric cancer induced hazards. The survey found that about 80% of dietary nitrite from vegetables.

Nitrite from vegetables need to do the following points.

Do not soak vegetables when

After a lot of people buy vegetables for fear of the surface of the pesticides, like on the water or salt water soak for 20 minutes about half an hour. But a recent national study shows that compared and rinsing vegetables, bulb vegetables will increase the nitrite in vegetables, and wash with detergent and then rinse clean, and the nitrite content in vegetables with water and soak for 20 minutes less than the samples. Leaves can also make a long soak damage, loss of nutrients increases.

Best frozen greens

Freshly picked little nitrite content of fresh vegetables. Vegetables stored at room temperature for 1-3 days, nitrite peak; refrigerated ,3-5 days to reach the peak. Spinach, cabbage and other green leafy vegetables, particularly large amount of nitrite, the effect of the refrigerator storage at room temperature for storage is much better, and best eaten in two days. As for the cucumber and potato, the differences are not so obvious. Small changes in frozen storage.

However, long-term storage of Chinese cabbage after storage for several days, in which instead of nitrate and nitrite content decreased, probably because of nutrient loss during storage and transformation of nitrogen compounds for other reasons. Therefore do not worry about nitrite cabbage Dongchu problem.

Riga garlic salad

Salad vegetables, add garlic and lemon juice will help to improve security, because the garlic can reduce the content of nitrite, and organic sulfur compounds in garlic, lemon juice, the vitamin C and other reducing substances are able to blocking the synthesis of N-nitrosamines carcinogenic nitrites. Onions, ginger, garlic, hot pepper sauce are beneficial to reduce the nitrite content.

Save as little as possible before turning cooking

After fried vegetables go far, there is also the issue of increased nitrite content, which is the result of microbial activity. Many bacteria have nitrate reductase, to the nitrate reduction to nitrite, to content increased.

If you can set aside immediately after cooking a, no flip, save them into the refrigerator as soon as possible, the next morning still very small increase of nitrite.

Vegetables can be boiled in boiling water

If the vegetables in boiling water first boiled, usually more than 70% removal of nitrite. Billy had to keep vegetables in the fridge the next day, the nitrite content is minimal, do not have to worry about their safety. Billy first cooked green leafy vegetables, fish and enlarging flat plate, cool to room temperature, packed in a box in the fridge. This 24-hour fully without worrying about storage.

The following four kinds of food should be careful

1 sushi

Risk Factors: The biggest problem is the sushi parasite flatworms and roundworms. Green mustard dipping sauce or juice may have a slight bactericidal effect.

The solution: use frozen fish sushi, because the under minus 31 ℃ 15 hours can kill fish parasites.

2 eggs

Risk factors: infection factor in the egg inside, the only way to eradicate bacteria is to cook eggs.

The solution: do not eat raw eggs and undercooked eggs.

3, bean sprouts

Risk factors: the growth of bean sprouts, warm and humid environment, conducive to the breeding of harmful bacteria.

The solution: put the fire pot or stir-fried.

4 cantaloupe

Risk factors: There are many cracks on the skin vulnerable to bacterial contamination.

The solution: wash melons before eating. Cut the cantaloupe in the fridge.

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The Mediterranean Diet Plan – What Makes This Diet Plan Uncommon

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The Mediterranean diet plan is a nutritional diet pattern influenced by cuisine that has been traditionally consumed as a part of the way of life of the coastal regions of southern Italy and parts of Greece. It was presented to the world in 1945, and by the middle 1990s took effect in its present- day shape due to books and recipes. A variety of diet and health studies have associated it with prolonged life span, lower rates of cardiovascular disorder, certain cancers, and dementia, in addition to helping to prevent Type-2 diabetic issues and Parkinson’s disease. That is quite a formidable list. But here we will investigate whether the Mediterranean diet plan additionally promotes body fat loss.

What makes the Mediterranean diet plan uncommon from most tactics is that it’s not intended exclusively for weight loss, but as a habitual style of eating; almost as a dietary way of life. These are several of its major characteristics:

* Maximizing natural whole foods, and reduces the use of processed foods. Whole foods have not been processed and wouldn’t have any additives. Ideally they’re organic, or occasionally termed “natural foods”, meaning they haven’t been treated with risky chemicals during growth or preparation. In another article we are going to discuss the potential harm with refined and processed foods which are non-organic, but the Mediterranean diet emphasizes their non use.

* The diet is rich in foods from plants. It uses fresh fruit and vegetables, seasonally grown with minimal processing, and also beans, potatoes, nuts, and seeds.

* Olive oil as the prevalent fat, as it has more monounsaturated fat acids than every other naturally produced oil, and its high content of antioxidative ingredients.

* Limiting the consumption of red meat, and placing a greater stress on fish (consumed at least twice per week) and poultry.

* While flavoring meals (and they are flavorful), using herbs and spices instead of salt.

* Drinking red wine in moderation during meals. It is believed that grape juice will yield the same benefits for individuals who don’t consume alcohol.

* Limiting dairy consumption to skim milk, fat-free yogurt and low-fat cheese.

That is just a short outline on the Mediterranean diet. As pointed out, it isn’t intended exclusively for rapid fat reduction, but because of the foods it promotes (and conversely foods that you might want to avoid), if consumed in moderation and in addition to some working out, it will eventually naturally help you to lose excess pounds. But it shouldn’t be considered a quick-fix, and if you want to lose ten pounds for by your wedding next week, being on the Mediterranean diet for a week undoubtedly will not do that. This is a long-term method to living a healthy lifestyle, where you are able to eat ample amounts of delicious foods with multiple ways in which they can be prepared. We have found that most diets, if rigorously followed over a period of time, will yield weight loss results. But the issue becomes when dieters are tempted by foods that are not within their diet regimen, they can no longer maintain that Spartan lifestyle and they give in to temptation, and the problem is blamed on the lack of willpower. The Mediterranean diet plan takes away the need for willpower, and that is what makes it different from most diets.

So now that you hopefully are convinced that diet Mediterranean will be of benefit to you, you’ll want to know how to prepare some of these delicious recipes. There are many excellent cookbooks on the market, but the one we highly recommend is Healthy Mediterranean Diet Recipes, which is a monthly publication devoted to people on this diet. It will definitely help you live a long and healthy life.

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At Losethatbellyfat, our goal is to inform those people who are trying to lose weight on comprehensive, realistic programs for weight loss.  We are definitely not into quick-fixes, but programs that involve proper diet, cardio work, and muscle tone.  Rich Carroll is a writer and health advocate now living in London.

5 Vital Nutrients in Orange Juice

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Orange juice has always been a hit with Americans. Today, OJ is the number 3 beverage in America. 100% orange juice provides numerous vitamins and minerals and is fat free, saturated fat free, cholesterol free and sodium free.
St. Augustine, Florida is one of my favorite places on earth. I have often said that I would like to live there and perhaps one day I will. But that will have to be down the road a bit. For now I am content to live in the foothills of the north Georgia Mountains. I was more than pleased when I read that early Spanish explorers planted the first orange trees around St. Augustine in the 1500′s. The sub-tropical climate of Florida and heavy rain helped the juiciest oranges to grow in that area. Today, most of the orange groves are in the lower 2/3rds of the state.
Some parents have expressed concern that OJ can have a negative impact on the weight of their children. However studies do not support the idea that increased orange juice intake and weight-gain go hand in hand. What could be better for your children that a rich, natural product with all the vitamin C they need daily and with no added sugars. Just think, 8 ounces is just 110 calories! Let’s look at the nutrient value in fresh orange juice.
1. Vitamin C is one of the most important antioxidants and helps to support a healthy immune system.
2. Folic acid is an essential acid for healthy red blood cells. It may also lower homocysteine levels in the blood.
3. Potassium is important in helping to reduce high blood pressure and strokes.
4. Vitamin B6 is needed for the production of new cells, including healthy red blood cells.
5. Thiamine is associated with the action of many enzyme systems and the conversion of food into energy.
When you measure the effect of orange juice on the whole body, it is hard to beat. Not only is OJ delicious, it is good for you too. How many foods can you compare with the good old-fashioned glass of orange juice? Not many. Orange juice is simply a taste of sunshine.

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Michael Hadaway has been in the sales and marketing industry for over 30 years. He has researched health, nutrition and fitness in order to bring many new items to the market place.

Vitalzym: A Source of 100% Vegetarian Ingredients

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Vitalzym is consumed by large number of people as a source of systematic enzymes. These enzymes are required by human bodies for conducting various metabolic processes in a smooth manner. Human body is capable of generating these enzymes on its own till a person attains a particular age. But as a person grows older, these enzymes cannot be generated by human system on own. So with advancement in age, the human body starts slowing down physically and takes more time for healing the wounds and diseases. The human body also starts aching and paining frequently. As the immune system gets reduced, a person becomes susceptible to various types of diseases and illness. Many people consume Vitalzym to provide their bodies back with the systematic enzymes without causing any harm or adverse side effect. There are also many symptoms to identify the low enzyme production by human system. A person should start consuming the enzyme supplement, immediately after noticing any of these symptoms indication lack of systematic enzymes.

Decrease in Production of Enzymes

There are many health care experts who believe that the human system stops the natural production of enzymes after a person attains 27 years of age. When the natural production of systematic enzymes is ceases, one can identify it based on a set of symptoms. The symptoms are used by the health expert as a measuring criterion to prescribe Vitalzym. A person can also identify the symptoms on his own when the wounds are healed slowly, the digestion becomes poor, and an increase is noted in scarring. When a person takes the enzyme supplement along with a balanced diet and regular exercise, his enzyme level is maintained at the normal level. The enzymes help the human system in repairing the mechanisms on its own and lead a healthy living.

Drink Water While Taking the Enzyme Supplement

When you consume the enzyme product, the enzymes need to get into the intestinal tract of your system. After being stores in the intestinal tract, the enzymes will be transported to the various areas of your body through the blood. So many health experts advise to drink water while taking Vitalzym. There are also some specific enzymes that need water to get activated. Further, water will be of great help in detoxifying the system naturally and carrying out the toxins out of our system through bowel and kidneys. So you can drink water to reduce the detoxification effect and making the process smoother.

Take the Enzyme Supplement as Prescribed by a Doctor

The product can be consumed without being worried about any harm or adverse side-effect on human body. But a person can feel the desired effect based on his own health, diet and lifestyle. Also, as the physiological structure varies from one individual to another, the effectiveness Vitalzym also differs. It is always better to consult a practicing doctor and take the supplement based on a dosage prescribed by him. He understands the exact requirement of your body and your past history of diseases and illness. So he can prescribe the exact dosage required by your body to get the desired effect.

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Amelia Johnson takes great interest in studying the functions of enzymes on the various functions of the body. She believes that Vitalzym is effective in improving the metabolic functionalities of human body. She has several articles online on the effectiveness of Vitalzym.

Zen Cleanse Cleanse: Trying to Cleanse Everything Inside Gut

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Today’s living style raises the environmental toxins which may contaminate your gastrointestinal tract and liver with pollution, heavy pesticide sprays, and faecal matter. Your evryday regular diet regularily lacks of numerous important nourishment including fiber that improve the ability of your gastrointestinal system to do something efficiently. The assimilation from the poor waste matter & detrimental toxins, builds up and unhealthy diet regime can also lead to several health implications. For detoxification proper and colon cleaning of internal passage experts has formulated an ideal product called Zen Cleanse colon cleanse

Some scientific study has shown that in today’s modern people are a lot conscious about their health. Actually today’s young generation know the benefits of colon cleaning. In colon cleansing process accumulated harmful toxic substances, faecal matter, and food debris purge through the organs and circulatory system. The beauty of the colon cleansing is always that it leaves you with fresh & pure feeling.

For Further Information for Zen Cleanse

Detoxification could be the effective process which smoothly eliminates toxic matter, invigorate this enzymatic system, and boost your capacity to the liver to detoxify. The actual objective in the detoxification procedure is always to trigger the digestive system performance and increase your body organs that are critically helpful for cleanup and reduction of toxins from the body. Colon purification process aims to assist our bodies detoxify of waste matters, toxins, and mucus enabling the device to work in a proper way. This successful procedure assists take in required nutrients into your system.

People believe that their regular diet is enough to deliver important nourishment into the body but it’s not correct. Your entire human body requirements a little extra diet which boosts your energy level naturally. You need to consist of some successful colon cleanse supplement on the regular schedule. Most of these supplements not only supply you potent nutrients and also improve your metabolic rate.

If you need you can contribute recently released Zen Cleanse colon cleaning product with your bad lifestyle. And you may buy the product by reviewing the promotional website.

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Hello i am Stanleyryan and i am working on colon cleaning product which can helps you to cleans toxins on your face, past few years and then i found Zen Cleanse

They Won’t Say It To Your Face But Employers Avoid Fat Job Seekers

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What do you see in the mirror when you hop in the shower? Chances are you’ve added a little here and a little there over the years and have grown accustomed to the mass reflected in the looking glass.

You need to put yourself in a perspective employer’s chair – what do they see?

A recent study revealed that 2% of job seeking participants considered themselves obese while 26% of those surveyed actually met or exceeded the body mass index criteria for obesity. As we have become a ‘super-sized’ culture we grow more comfortable with our girth and bulges.

Why you may not be clear on the definition of “obese” you can rest assured that employers are.

Why does this matter?

Because obesity is the next “smoking” and employers are keenly aware of the additional costs associated with obese employees. Among those:

* Obese employees file twice as many workers comp claims
* Obese employees have seven times higher medical cost
* Obese employees rack up more lost work days than non-obese employees

There are protections in place for the morbidly obese under the American’s with Disabilities Act but there are many “work-arounds” for employers and in today’s competitive job market there are plenty of qualified candidates available to camouflage an employers decision to pass on an obese job seeker.

That means that no matter how impressive your resume, skills and work experience, your prospective employer may be so distracted by your appearance that he doesn’t even see it.

So, what to do?

Of course the first fix is cosmetic. Do your clothes fit properly, at least your “interview uniform”? The only thing worse than being large is wearing clothes that draw attention to that fact. Strained buttons, stretched sleeves, rolled waist bands, etc. are all visually distracting like the sliver of parsley stuck to your date’s tooth.

Along that line, are your fashion choices “large appropriate”? You must accept the fact you may not be able to wear some of the styles that find their way to advertising spreads without highlighting your size.

Addressing wardrobe is still just treating the symptom and not the problem. Next you need to get serious about making the changes necessary to reshape yourself.

70% of all chronic disease, including obesity, is a result of nutritional choices. To be clear, that means only 30% of people are likely to have a legitimate medical reason (notice I didn’t say “excuse”) and that isn’t to say that you can get substantial results by addressing nutrition even if you are in that category.

There are a number of alternatives for weight management, from diet pills to surgery, but there is only one method that gets immediate results while at the same time building habits for the future that support lasting change:

Meal Replacement Shakes

The biggest challenge facing anyone who wishes to lose weight is getting enough nutrition within the limited calories they need to consume if they are going to have timely and measurable results. Most diets leave the individual tired and the mediocre nutrition manifests in lost muscle mass and reduced bone density. Those are all serious concerns but the last thing you want to be in a new job is tired!

Getting complete nutrition is a challenge under the best conditions and When you start reducing caloric intake the odds of short-changing your nutrition work against you.

Available since the late 70′s, meal replacement shakes have helped hundreds of millions of people around the world to effectively lose weight and maintain an ideal weight longer than any other method. Nothing beats them for simplicity, convenience or the ability to pack so much nutrition into so few calories.

Most baby boomers remember Carnation Instant Breakfast and the more ubiquitous Slim-Fast is an iconic contemporary brand. This retail product comes in a can just like your favorite soft drink and it, or one of it’s knock-off cousins, can be purchased by the case and stored just about anywhere for just about forever. Shakes are easily the best tasting meal replacements you can get.

Meal replacement shakes offer an amazing flexibility. From the ‘pop and drink’ options that you can open and down with barely a thought to the mix and drink formulas to which you can add favorite fruits, additional protein or extra fiber, you can have variety and simple tunability that can’t be achieved with any other method.

Premium meal replacement shakes, which are usually sold though independent distributors of specialized health and wellness companies, offer other advantages as well.

First of all, these products are generally backed by higher quality science and production controls than what you buy at a big-box wholesale club or chain store.

They are usually accompanied with targeted supplements to achieve specific nutritional goals and include one on one coaching by the trained distributors. One of the biggest obstacles to effective and lasting weight loss is accountability and motivation. Having your very own coach dramatically increases your chance for success.

And best of all, they are incredibly affordable. In most cases the most deluxe and complete programs cost less on a daily basis than the usual trip to your favorite espresso bar or fast food drive-thru.

You will need to address your weight just as you’d address any other gap or deficiency on your resume. Tackling the problem head on with a declaration to the interviewer that you are working on your nutrition and have seen great progress toward your long term goal will go a long way to assuage their silent concerns.

You can argue until your blue in the face about whether it’s fair, or even legal, but discrimination against overweight, obese and morbidly obese people is real and growing.

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Tom Bradley is a Personal Wellness Coach who offers Free coaching to anyone who wants to improve quality of life through nutrition.

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Health Benefits of Pumpkin Flesh and Seeds.

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Mostly known for being a part of Halloween decorations or a pie filling, pumpkins are also packed with nutrition and offer a wide range of health benefits. Pumpkins are a storehouse of vitamins, mineral and other healthy nutrients. Whether it is the pulp or the seeds, pumpkins are great for your health and can offer some incredible benefits.

Nutritional Composition of Pumpkins

High Carotenoids Content – Pumpkins owe their bright Orange color to the high amount of carotenoids present in them. Carotenoids assist in staving off the free radicals in the body, and help in preventing premature aging, cardiovascular diseases and other infections. They are also high in Lutein & Zeaxanthin which protect the eyes against free radical damage and prevent formation of cataracts and degeneration of the eye tissues.

Protein – Pumpkin seeds also known as Pepitas are a rich source of protein. One ounce of pumpkin seeds contains approx. 7 grams of protein. Their oil is high in phytosterols or plant-based fatty acids and their chemical composition is the same as cholesterol. Phytosterols can replace cholesterol in the body, and help in reducing the blood cholesterol levels.

Essential Fatty Acids – Pumpkin seeds are a rich source of essential fatty acids, which have numerous health benefits. From providing protection against serious health diseases such as high blood pressure, arthritis and cancer to promoting healthy skin and improving brain power, essential fatty acids present in pumpkin oil offer several health benefits.

Vitamin A – Pumpkin is a rich source of Vitamin A. Regular consumption of pumpkin (both seeds and flesh) can promote the health of your eyes and boost your immune system remarkably.

Vitamin C – Vitamin C helps fight free radicals, improves immunity and promotes the production of collagen. The high Vitamin C content in pumpkins also offers protection against various forms of cancer.

Magnesium – Both the pulp and seeds of pumpkin are rich in magnesium, which is an important mineral required for various biological functions. Magnesium is also required for the maintenance bones and teeth.

Potassium & Zinc – Pumpkin is loaded with potassium and Zinc. Studies show that eating a potassium-rich diet can prevent onset of cardiovascular diseases and hypertension. Zinc is important for providing bone density support for people at risk for osteoporosis. It boosts the immune system and promotes reproductive health.

Fiber – Pumpkin flesh is very low in calories and contains abundant quantities of extremely good dietary fiber. It is extremely effective for treating gastrointestinal disorders such as constipation, indigestion etc. The high amount of fiber also helps in lowering the LDL (bad) cholesterol levels in the blood and in regulating the blood sugar levels.

Health Benefits of Pumpkin Flesh and Seeds

Prostate Cancer – The protective compounds present within the pumpkin seeds, called phytosterols can lower the risk of prostate cancer. These work by shrinking the prostate and stimulating the secretion of chemicals that protect against the transformation of testosterone into dihydrotestosterone (DHT). High DHT levels can cause enlargement of the prostate glands.

Anti-Inflammatory Effect – The Beta carotene present in pumpkin seeds and flesh has antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties. Regular consumption of pumpkin can protect against joint inflammation and arthritis. Pumpkins have been known to provide relief from inflammation quickly, without the harmful side-effects of anti-inflammatory medicines.

Great on your skin – The high amount of Vitamin A, C and E as well as Zinc present in pumpkin, make it a great choice for those who want a healthy and glowing skin. Have a cup of pumpkin seeds per day to prevent appearance of wrinkles and to keep your skin hydrated and nourished.

Prevents Kidney Stones – Have 5 to 10 grams of pumpkin seeds every day. This stimulates the kidneys and prevents the formation of calcium oxalate stones.

Depression – Pumpkin flesh contains L-tryptophan, a chemical compound that triggers feelings of well-being and happiness. Having pumpkin as a part of your daily diet can keep your spirits high and prevent depression.

Treatment of Parasites – In various cultures especially China, pumpkins are used to treat infections caused by tapeworms and other parasites.

Diuretics – Pumpkins are natural diuretics. These help in flushing out the toxins and unwanted waste material from the body, leaving you refreshed and healthy.

With so many health benefits, it is no wonder that pumpkin is an important part of the list of Super Foods. Next time you are carving a pumpkin, do not throw away the pulp or the seeds – instead boil, bake or cook them in any form you like.

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Their oil is high in phytosterols or plant-based fatty acids and their chemical composition is the same as cholesterol. High Carotenoids Content – Pumpkins owe their bright Orange color to the high amount of carotenoids present in them. Health Benefits of Pumpkin Zinc is important for providing bone density support for people at risk for osteoporosis.

Is Fad Water Bad Water

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I eat organic food and do my best to consume organic beverages rather than your average store bought juice. I figured since I’ve tried to maintain a healthy diet, why not check into the benefits of different types of bottled water? I decided to take a deeper look. I know which are my favorite, which are tolerable and the brands that taste like tap water. I’ve been wondering whether or not it’s worth spending the extra cash on some of the bottled waters that are out there. One thing I know for sure is that all waters are not created equally.

I describe the following brands of bottled water as “fad water” because they promise extra benefits such as a power boost or extra vitamins and look fun. The stylish labels on the bottles make them attractive and catch the eye of many health conscious consumers. The drawback of drinking fad water is that while many of them offer extra benefits, you might not realize that they can contain other ingredients that could very well be counterproductive. If you ask me, drink water because it is pure and your body needs it. If you want a drink with flavor or you want extra benefits, drink fruit juice or eat food rich in vitamins. Water is meant to keep you hydrated, healthy and quench your thirst. It shouldn’t need to taste like candy or work like coffee. Chances are if it does, it’s probably not good for you.

Vitamin Water

There are 13 grams of sugar per serving and most bottles contain 2.5 servings. Vitamin Water contains no fruit juice. A full bottle of Vitamin Water (2.5 servings) has only about 7 grams less sugar than a can of Coke. You will notice crystalline fructose listed in the ingredients but don’t be fooled because it’s just a fancy name for sugar. That’s not pure sugar by the way, so it can raise blood-sugar levels. This amount of sugar can increase your body’s production of insulin and lower your metabolism. This change in metabolism can also suppress your immune system so I say, “No thanks”. Could drinking this type of water actually make you gain weight? I suppose it’s possible.

Smart Water

Glaceau, the same company that owns Vitamin Water and Fruit Water also created Smart Water. The name of this water is meant to make you feel as if you’ve made a healthy and intelligent choice, but just how smart is Smart Water? Smart Water is referred to as the “new Vitamin Water” and it certainly sports a trendy label. Does this mean they’ve made an improvement in the sugar content or made a healthier version of Vitamin Water? It does have added calcium, magnesium and potassium as well as electrolytes so many people may see this drink as a healthier alternative to Gatorade. It has less sugar than Gatorade but consumers need to remember is that the “added vitamins” are usually the result of a chemistry experiment, better referred to as synthetic vitamins. If vitamins are what you’re looking for, your best bet is to eat organic food, take organic whole food supplements and invest in a juicer. Quench your thirst the old-fashioned way with real water.

These are just a few examples of where we are heading when it comes to something as simple as water. What has happened in today’s world that we are so consumed with commercial products that we cannot see the answer right under our nose? Don’t get me wrong, I’m not so ancient that I can talk about the “good old days” but I’m also not ignorant to the fact that today’s tasty quick fixes are not necessarily healthy choices. Water has been around since the dawn of time and if you ask me, if it’s not broke, don’t fix it. If it is healthy, don’t taint it. We’ve sold ourselves to indulgence and little by little we go more for flavor than for health. Many people have good intentions to make healthier choices and search for ways to make it more interesting. Drinking this type of water is not the way to go. In fact, the amount of sugar in these types of water can actually contribute to dehydration!

Distilled Water Vs. Spring Water

Now that we know what not to do, which bottled water is the best? After all, there are so many to choose from, how do you know which ones are pure so you’re not wasting your hard-earned money on filtered tap water? Distilled water loses many of the minerals found naturally in water and may draw minerals out of your body to replenish what it is missing. Distilled water is generally less satisfying in taste. Spring water maintains its minerals and is more refreshing and hydrating. You could say that the best choice here is fairly obvious.

What brand of spring water is the best? I’ve done enough taste tests to learn that Evian is by far the best bottled water, though the price is borderline ridiculous. The truth is that you get what you pay for when purchasing spring water. If you buy Walmart brand water for eighty-eight cents, that’s exactly what it’s going to taste like. Wild Harvest is a Shaw’s brand and they too offer bottled water in gallons for just a dollar and change. This is what I use to cook my food and to drink in the summer when I consume more water. I’ve been splurging on Evian in the meantime. The main goal when shopping for pure spring water is to read the label and be sure that it contains no additives as these would take away from its natural state. Take a lemon, lime and some natural sugar and mix it in your water for those times that you simply must have flavor and hydration. Don’t forget the most important thing. Ten glasses a day of pure spring water keeps you hydrated, healthy energized and looking great!

By: Francis David

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Francis helps people understand DISH Network Satellite TV Service. DISH Network is available in your area, and Francis can help you choose DISH Network Packages and Channels the fit your budget.

Food Combining – Help Your Digestive System Do Its Job Easier

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Digestive problems are very common. Heartburn, gas, and other digestive and bowel problems affect almost everyone. These problems are not only annoying to have, but they are also signs of poor digestion and eating habits. You can avoid these problems by chewing your food properly and using a food combining principle that will allow your body to digest the food easier.

Food combining is simply eating the right types of food together that make it easy for your body to digest it. Of course, eating a large variety of food is healthy for us to do, but it’s not good for our digestive system to sit down and try to digest it all at one meal. We are under the impression that we have to have one of every food group on our plate at every meal and that’s simply not true. In fact, it’s not good for us.

Our digestive system has one of the most important jobs of our body. When you eat food according to what will be easiest to digest you are doing your digestive system a huge favor by allowing it to do its job properly.

For example, digesting proteins and starches have different digestive requirements. So if you eat them in one meal it becomes hard for your body to digest either one of them well. Proteins require an acid environment to digest properly while starches require an alkaline environment. You digestive system can accommodate both environments at one time, but it obviously cannot create both at the same time!

Fruit has very special requirements and should always be eaten by itself. Fruit is one of those lovely foods that quickly passes through your digestive system on its own. But if you eat fruit with starchy foods or with protein the fruit cannot just pass on through the digestive track like it should, as it gets mixed up with other food that doesn’t have that privilege. The sugar will then ferment in your stomach and bring about bloating and gas.

Melons are even quicker at going through the digestive process and should be either eaten alone or with other melons. This will avoid sugar fermentation in the stomach.

Here are the basic rules for food combining:

1. Vegetables with starches are fine
2. Vegetables with proteins are fine
3. Protein and starch are a no-no – Think meat and potatoes!
4. Fruit is always eaten alone or with other fruit
5. Acid fruits with nuts and seeds are okay
6. Acid fruits with sweet fruits are okay
7. Melons are eaten alone

We have been living on the wrong food combinations for a while now thinking that they are normal. For instance, burger and fries are consumed daily by millions of people, but this combination of food is making their digestive systems work harder than they should, and they are possibly causing digestive problems just from that meal. Now pile on 3 meals a day like that, eaten every single day.

So the next time you sit down to eat, give your digestive system a break. Take it into consideration and make its job easier. Your body and health will thank you!

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For more tips on eating right for optimal health visit Kari’s website at Alternative Health Ideas.

Buy Sytropin HGH Spray

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Life today has its conveniences. Making things handy has made it possible to purchase and things that help your life. You can buy Sytropin HGH in an oral spray to fight the course of aging. What is important though is that you enjoy your life and the essential things like friends, family, and activity matter.

Things are getting handy these days, thanks to the technology which we have. Twenty years ago, do you remember how the first cellphones looked? Some were even in attaché cases. These days you have cellphones smaller that pocket calculators. Even in the supplement market, there are handy things. You can buy Sytropin HGH spray that fits into your pocket. This is the anti aging Human Growth Hormone supplement that you can purchase without a prescription. How about the evolution of computers and where has it gone. The first mainframes needed buildings. These days, you have a personal digital assistant that is as big as your cell phone and is wireless as well. The age of convenience is here and it has its benefits and disadvantages as well.

As the world tries to make life less complicated by making it less burdensome for people to achieve tasks, it comes with a drawback as well. Though gone are the physical tasks of chopping wood, fetching water, milking the cow, walking a mile to school, we have also become more sedentary and in effect, less physically active. This has led to health problems as we gain more weight, do less physical activity, and in general become unhealthy. One of the leading causes of death in most western societies is cardio related. Heart conditions, high blood pressure and high cholesterol are frequent conditions often shown in physical checkups for people over the age of forty. Stress related incidents are also on the rise. The need for a balanced life is crucial for everyone. It helps us see perspective of what is important. While we can buy Sytropin HGH Spray to reverse the aging process, we must learn how to appreciate the years we have left. This is the other side of the coin, the need to find out what really is important.

What are the things that are really important? Have a great set of friends and family members that you can count on, who will listen to you, or even just be there when you feel down and out. This is your core support group. No man is an island and at some point in our lives, we will need help. Your friends and family will be there when that time comes. Leave work behind at the office. No one ever said in his or her dying bed that they wished they spent more time at work. Sometimes by not thinking of your work problems, the solutions to them do come out. There are more important things to consider. Go and see the world. You have to enjoy what is out there. Relax and recharge your batteries by going out on excursions with your family. They do not have to be expensive. Go out for walks in the parks or do some sports, play a game of tennis together. Enjoy life and you will live longer.

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