Men and women: nutritionally worlds apart

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An apple may have tempted Eve, but modern women and men need to be far more savvy about food choices due to their different physiological demands, not only between the sexes but at different ages.

Examining the five most vital nutrients illustrates how men’s and women’s needs differ.

Calcium: our foundations

As most of us know, calcium strengthens bones to help prevent the development of osteoporosis and numerous other brittle bone diseases as well as regulating our blood pressure. However, in recent years, too much calcium in males has been linked to increased likelihood of prostate cancer and as a result, guidelines for men and women have been established.

Women under 50 years of age are advised to consume around 1000 milligrams with an additional 200 milligrams for those over middle-age while all men, regardless of age, are recommended to include only 800 milligrams in their daily diet.

For a woman weighing approximately 60 kg, aged under 50, this could mean a daily diet of one cup of low fat, enriched milk (375-440 mg), a 200 mg tub of natural yogurt (340 mg), and 100g of almonds (240 mg). For a man weighing approximately 80 kg, this could mean 35 g of Swiss or Edam cheese (both 300 mg), a small can of salmon (200-300 mg) and a 30 g serving of calcium fortified breakfast cereal (200 mg). Some vegetables are also rich in calcium – the highest calcium content is found in Chinese kale and Chinese mustard leaves.

Iron: keeping the blood healthy

Physiologically, women require a larger amount of iron due to their monthly loss of blood. Iron plays a key role in regulating our metabolism and in transporting oxygen around the body, as well as producing vital substances including dopamine, DNA and white blood cells.

The effects of iron deficiency can do you much harm beyond developing anaemia – from damaging your ability to think to lowering your resistance to infection.

Iron intake should amount to around 18 milligrams a day if a woman’s menstrual cycle is regular, dropping to just eight milligrams for post-menopausal women.

For a menstruating woman, this could mean a daily diet of 100 g of red meat (3.7 mg), 100 g of fish (1.2 mg), 2 slices of wholegrain bread (3.2 g), two-thirds of a cup of cooked lentils, dried peas or beans (2.5 mg), 50 g of cashews (2.5 mg), one cup of bok choy (2.6 mg) and two poached eggs (2 mg).

For a post-menopausal woman, this could mean a daily diet of 80 g of skinless, baked chicken (0.6 mg), two slices of wholemeal break (1.4 mg), one average serve of iron-fortified breakfast cereal (3 mg), 25 g of almonds (1 mg) and 100 g of baked beans (1.6 mg).

While iron is also a vital nutrient for men, high levels of consumption may lead to increased risk of heart attack and other terminal heart conditions. Consequently, men of all ages are advised to consume only 8 milligrams per day – the same amount as for a post-menopausal woman.

Keeping in mind that the average serve of red meat in an Australian diet is easily double the suggested serving size, then if a man eats a 200 g piece of red meat, he has consumed 7.4 g of his recommended daily iron intake of 8 g. So, halve your serving or save your steak for every second day to avoid coronary disease.

Omega-3 fatty acids: heart health

Polyunsaturated omega-3 fatty acids, found in foods such as fish, soybeans and grains, are commonly referred to as “the good fats”. Omega-3s not only lower triglycerides, the chemicals in our bloodstreams linked to both heart disease and stroke, but increase our levels of favourable HDL cholesterol which transports fat deposits from the arteries to the liver for excretion.

Additionally, regular intake of omega-3s helps prevent blood clotting throughout the body. Find your fill of foods rich in Omega-3s from nuts and seeds, vegetable oils and numerous fish varieties, most notably mackerel, salmon and herring.

The Heart Foundation recommends at least two serves of fish a week for both men and women. Men in particular benefit from marine sources of omega-3s, with research indicating that marine sources help stop the spread of prostate cancer.

Protein: for growth and repair

The body utilises protein towards continuous growth and repair and, alongside carbohydrates, it is an excellent source of energy for men and women alike. However, as is the case with excess consumption of just about anything, such benefits can prove otherwise if intake is excessive.

Excess protein rapidly accelerates the body’s excretion of calcium through urine, reducing the function and strength of bones and encouraging the development of osteoporosis and other bone degeneration.

The recommended amount of protein is calculated relative to one’s weight. Generally speaking, men require larger quantities due to their larger muscle capacity and hence, weight. Moreover, athletes or those regularly involved in physical activity require increased amounts to repair and refuel muscles. 0.8 grams of protein per kilogram of body weight is recommended however, 60 grams daily is sufficient, regardless of one’s size.

Achieving 60 grams of protein in a daily diet could mean one 100 g serve of lean beef (22.7 g), two boiled eggs (12.7 g), 60 g of canned tuna in spring water (14.6 g), 28 grams of almonds (6.03 g).

Fibre: internal cleaners

The benefits of fibre are well known, not least of which are preventing and relieving constipation and haemorrhoids and reducing high cholesterol, which significantly lowers the likelihood of heart disease. Its ability to lower blood sugar levels also contributes immensely to better management of diabetes.

In women, fibre has been proven to help reduce the risk of diseases including colon and breast cancer and is most effective in amounts ranging from 21-25 grams per day.

Men generally require larger amounts of daily fibre; approximately 38 grams daily recommended for men under 50 years, dropping to 30 grams for those over 50. Fresh fruit and vegetables are both excellent sources of natural fibre.

What’s good for the goose is not always good for the gander. The differing nutritional needs of men and women have numerous ramifications for health, with different amounts required for the sexes, and at different ages.

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Are Glyconutrients the New Fountain of Youth?

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Being conscious of your wellness means being conscious of your body and its amazing ability to build and repair itself. You can live consciously by living a healthy lifestyle and making sure your body receives an adequate amount of nutrients. But can that be done by diet alone? In these stressful, high-paced times everyone needs to take supplements to ensure their body is getting everything it needs. We need to include essential amino acids (proteins), essential fatty acids (omega 3, 6 or 9), carbohydrates (8 essential glyconutrients), phytosterols, antioxidants and vitamins and minerals. We also need to try to alleviate our stress, exercise is vital and get plenty of clean, filtered water.

Something interesting that has recently been discovered that is extremely beneficial to your immune system is something called glyconutrients. Scientists have tried for a long time to understand how the cells in the body communicate with each another in order for complex functions to occur. For example, how does your digestive system know which particles of food to absorb into the blood stream and which to ignore? Or which cells to attack and destroy and which to protect and nurture? We now know that glyconutrients fulfill that role. Making sure your body gets enough glyconutrients is the key to a long, healthy life. Glyconutrients are the key to effective cellular communication and effective cell function. Glyconutrients aren’t vitamins, minerals, amino acids or enzymes, but are nutritional supplements derived from plants. Glyconutrients are plant carbohydrates (monosaccarides). Glyconutritional supplements are formulated based on new understanding in the biochemistry of how the human body maintains health at the cellular level. Healthy cells mean healthy tissue – healthy tissue means healthy organs – and healthy organs lead to healthy bodies. Every cell in our body needs glyconutrients.

High quality pharmaceutical grade glyconutrients can be found online at

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Effects of Super Foods on you body, part 1

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Effects of super foods on you body part 1

You need certain amount calories and essential nutrients. You could be at risk if you eat some type of foods. Foods directly or indirectly can cause health problem. Other types of foods provide you just energy and nutrients. Studies found foods with positive effect on body and reach in nutriments vitamins and natural substances. Those types of foods named super foods.
Dysfunction of the body and diseases could be created simply by eating foods that are low on nutritional ingredients.

Improving digestions.

Constipation affect most of the people from time to time. It could cause pain in stomach, haemorrhoids. To avoid it you need eat foods with a lot fiber. Fiber is part of food that
Can’t be digested,so it act as cleaner and exercise you digestion system from inside
You body need up to 40 grams of fiber daily. Regular foods can not give more then 10 grams a day. Bellow list of food rich in fiber, 5 grams per serving is considered high
Soy beans

Reducing inflammation

Dust,direct sunlight,pollution all might cause inflammation. Over the time it create problem. almost in any part of the system. You body will need to spend extra resources to fight inflammation.
Antioxidants fight inflammation. They natural ingredients of fruits and vegetables that gives them color. List bellow show most common foods rich in antioxidants
Green tea
Eating food with saturated fat increase risk inflammation. You have a choice eat fast food and take aspirin or eat unsaturated fat reach with omega-3.This fat in fact reduce inflammation.
Bellow is example of foods rich with omega-3
Fish and SeaFood

Getting Boost

Avoid energy drink and chocolate,they high in sugar artificial ingredients, use Green tea, it contain amount of caffeine similar to coffe

Eating super foods alone does not help you much, but in combination with physical activity and diet will help you stay youthful.

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6 Sure Ways To Becoming A Lean Mean Fighting Machine

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1. Believe in yourself that you do deserve to look and feel good.
One good reason we do not eat right is a silly belief that we do not deserve to feel good about ourselves. We all need to understand that we are all deserved of a healthy lifestyle, also to look and feel beautiful.

2. Train smarter, not harder.
Over doing your exercise routine is not good for you at all, you do not have to train for hours every day, all you need is to train smarter with a little help from someone that knows a bit about workout plans and designing a proper exercise routine for your needs. As everyone has a different metabolism, we therefore all need a different training strategy. You can also get help from a mirage of self help workout books that are on the market that will help and guide you in the right direction.

3. Always try to eat organic food.
If possible always choose organic food to eat if it is available, especially the three main foods such as meat, dairy and eggs. Organic foods are most likely to contain less harmful toxins and a stack more health-charging minerals and vitamins.

4. Stay away form eating sugar and try not to consume alcohol.
It is sugar that makes us all fatter. Processed sugar will hurt you and will cause a massive increase in your blood-sugar levels, which may give you a big increase in energy for a short period of time followed by an intense, heavy crash to your metabolism. Alcohol will make you gain more weight than you could ever have imagined as alcohol is loaded with sugar. Leave it well alone and only indulge again once you have reached your desired weight loss goal.

5. Eat plenty of protein for breakfast.
If you would like to make a big difference straight away then make sure you always eat plenty of protein for your breakfast. By doing this you will be amazed at how much fat your body will start to burn off every day.

6. Treat yourself when you achieve your goal.
Once you have become a lean, mean, fighting machine and achieved all that you had set out to achieve then why not spoil yourself. Take yourself out to the mall and buy yourself that dress/suit you have had your eyes on but could not fit into before. You really do deserve it now after all your hard work in losing that weight you were carrying around. Always feel good about yourself and take a look in the mirror, smile and be proud of yourself because you are now a lean, mean, fighting machine.
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Miracle Berry

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The magic berry is also known as the Acai berry. The acai berry is found in the African regions. In particular these berries are found in the western regions of Africa. The berry is called the magic berry because it has amazing healing capabilities which are a miracle in the medical field. Many diseases which are thought to be cured with medicines have eventually blocked by the natural enzymes of the magic berry. The Acai berry was only a recent revelation in the western market but has been able to catch up the popularity as it is being produced in the forms of smoothies and mixed with many fruit juices. This magic berry has not only been authorized by the Amazon tribal people who are the miracle fruit founders of this magic berry but also by scientific boards which are credible and have authority in the medical fields. So the consumption of these berries has been medically authorized. These berries offer scope for lot of medical wonders, one of those wonders are its capability to prevent the aging process in the physical human body. The magic berry which was famous in the African regions has been able to catch up with the western market now and has started to be more popular than the fashion products available.The experiment is like these berry fruits are being crushed and made into powder and formed as tablets. These tablets should be taken before eating any sour or any other tastes items other than sweet, this tablet will change that particular taste into a sweet one and make you feel good enough in the taste. This magic berry has been stated that, they will also help in stopping the hunger in human of any parts of the world. The only thing you will have to do is to produce this in a large amount and pass it on to the whole world and find their effectiveness in stopping the hunger in humans too.

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The Means of the Jersey Numbers in the Back of the Soccer Jerseys

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Initially, the jersey number was back in 1928, it was first on trail in England in the First Division League Chelseas vs Arsenal. But then gradually it was adopted as custom by many teams. The traditional football team has no bench players, so those players listed in the list are those 11 players who would take part in the competition. It is the tradition football’s habit that starting a list from the behind, first the column goalkeeper, and then out back, midfielder, striker. Therefore, the jersey numbers that were rowed up in many teams are:
Goalkeeper: number one.
Back/backs: number two to six.
Midfielders: number four, six, seven, eight, ten and eleven. The number ten and eleven are always been used as the front wing.
Forwards: number nine, ten, and also number seven, eight and eleven.
In principle, at early time, number one to six are defenders, number seven to eleven are attackers, the midfield positions are developed afterwards. Therefore, the numbers of midfield are relatively more flexible. Sometimes, number four, five, and six are back, and sometimes midfield (in recent years, defensive midfield is popular, they are usually number four, five and six).
As the time goes, many funs would equate their worship heroes in the ground with the numbers on the soccer jerseys. In long term history teams which have glorious records, the jersey numbers also have special meanings. These are a few relatively well-known team/soccer jersey and players.
Brazil ten: Pele, Zico, Rivaldo
Argentina ten: Maradona
Manchester United seven: Best, Cantona, Beckham
Milan six: Baresi, he was so strong that the number six was stopped by Milan afterwards.
Milan three: Maldini, the number three would be stopped, his son (who is ten years old now) is the only one who is allowed to wear the number three jersey in the future.
Netherlands fourteen: Cryuff, it is the most famous jersey number besides the numbers of one to eleven.
In all, the modern football team pay more attention to the cooperation of 23 players, rather than the eleven or fourteen players long time ago. As to the meaning of the jersey numbers today, they are not as important as 30 years ago, because the numbers are free to use. In Turkey, Greece, Spain, there even appeared number 77, 99 and other rare numbers. Although the significance of the jersey numbers are not important than that in previous years, some of the numbers are still meaningful and significant.

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Now Foods: Rendering Vitamin Supplements In A Natural Process

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Coconut water is the fluid which is found inside a fresh coconut fruit. This sweet liquid multiplies the semen level and even helps in proper digestion. This acts as vitamin nutrients and helps in fruitful functioning of the urinary track. Sometimes this water is mistaken to be milk, where as both the liquids are different. While the former one seems to be normal water, the later one looks like milk and is also thicker than the former one.

Coconut water is rich in nutrient substitutes as it comprises of vitamins and minerals, thereby becoming a healthy beverage. This now foods are rich in minerals such as potassium, magnesium, calcium, chloride and sodium. It is also rich in sugar and protein elements. Undoubtedly, it can be consumed as a healthy drink and this beverage is ideal for people, who are conscious about their health, as this is undoubtedly fat free. The mineral content always remains constant, but the protein and the sugar concentrations get increased with the growth of the fruit simultaneously.

Coconut water contains varied number of nutrient elements as well as minerals in trace amounts. These trace minerals are not found in other fruits and vegetables. This tree is usually found in the coastal areas. In some islands, this liquid can be considered to be the only available fluid, which is consumed by the residents. This is also referred as fluid of life. However, the taste varies depending upon the age of the fruit. The liquid content of the green colored fruit is the best in taste and quality. This now foods are recommended by every dietitian for the patients, as their mineral contents provide stamina to the body. The demand of this natural health drink has ultimately led to the manufacturing of young fruit’s liquid. This drink is also available in tetra pack and bottled containers.

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Naturally Lowering Your Cholesterol Made Simple And Easy

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There are ways that you can lower your cholesterol naturally and this article will shed some light on some of these techniques. If you’re wondering how to lower your cholesterol, then you have come to the right place. If you’re not good with the use of medications to lower your cholesterol, then maybe the natural route may be for you.

The bottom line is that you can encounter alot of side effects from the drugs and injections that you use to lower your cholesterol. So if this is not a viable option for you, then maybe you should consider the natural route. Here’s the first way of lowering your cholesterol that still works today.

1) Exercise

Did you know that exercise can be an effective form of lowering your cholesterol? It’s true, and not only is it good for your cholesterol, but it’s good for your overall health also. Exercise is known to raise our HDL cholesterol (good) while lowering out LDL cholesterol (bad). Exercise is something that not alot of people get much of on a daily basis, so if you can find time to incorporate it into your day, you can do wonders for your health.

2) Low cholesterol foods

There are certain foods that you eat that contain alot of cholesterol. Therefore to lower your cholesterol, you should stock up on lots of fruits, vegetables, and whole grains. If you can, eat more fish than meat and stay away from fat milk. This may just be your best option to lower your cholesterol naturally.

3) Cut back on saturated fats

Try your best to consume foods that have low saturated fats. Putting down the hamburger and eating more fruits and vegetables will help to do this for you. If you can, try going to the store and buying pre-packaged fruit and vegetable trays. They can be expensive, but they’re a great alternative to buying vegetables and slicing them up yourself.

4) Take niacin

Niacin can be found over the counter, which is why I listed it I this article. Niacin comes in a variety of forms. Flush free niacin is available over the counter along with slow-release niacin. Both are different via the active ingredient found in it.

Flush free niacin contains inositol, and it works its magic by sticking to the regular niacin molecules that would normally cause the flush. Slow-release niacin contains niacinamide and this is a more effective form of niacin in general. So even if you’re taking niacin for a reason other than lowering your cholesterol, you will want to use the niacin that contains niacinamide.

You should be careful of how much niacin you take also because too much can cause liver damage – quickly. Also, too much niacin in one serving is known to cause vomiting and can cause you heart problems.

Lowering your cholesterol naturally can be done but you should know that it takes time to be effective. If you’re not too keen on the traditional medicine way of lowering cholesterol, then maybe this option is for you.

Good luck with lowering your cholesterol naturally.

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Marqui Berry – The wonder fruit for weight loss

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Ever heard of the Maqui berry? It’s a tiny purple colored berry from Patagonia, a place in South America which is said to be one of the most fertile regions the world over. It is also known as the Patagonia Super-fruit. They were first used by the Mapuche Indians as herbal cures for illnesses like soar throat, diarrhea, ulcers and fever. People who have tasted it claim that is the tastiest of all berries.

In those days when maqui berry was just about becoming news, nobody ever realized just how much this little purple berry would conquer the world with its great qualities. It is supposed to contain the most amounts of antioxidants than any other food. For those who do not know what an anti oxidant is, it is a substance that is instrumental in assisting the body to eliminate hazardous and toxic elements.

The fact that it is so high in antioxidants is the reason why it is so good for weight loss. As per the Oxygen Radical Absorbance Capacity (ORAC) scale, 100 mg of Maqui berry is about 27,600. These days everyone is looking for natural methods for curing and using as health supplements, therefore Maqui Berry could be an added nutrient to your diet.

Of late many weight reduction programs have been including this berry in their diet as they claim that it is one of the most unadulterated of health supplements. More than anything the most significant factor of Maquiberry is that it is 100% natural and has become the latest of health obsessions. The tiny purple berry is said to perk up the general health of a person aiding the body to help in the reduction of weight.

The anti inflammatory and anti aging qualities are other significant points to take into account. It is said to improve the general quality of life and is considered as an all-in-one nutrient.

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Spirulina – Healthcare the Natural Way

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It is undeniable that health is the prime pillar of our life. Without a healthy body, the blessings life has to offer go to waste. This is why it is very important to treat your body the way it deserves to be and ensure that it is at its prime as much as possible. To keep the body healthy, the first department you need to look into is your daily nutrition intake. We all know that regular consumption of essential nutrients is the main factor affecting our overall health. Thus, it is very important to know the exact nutritional demands of the body and ensure that the body is being delivered the same.

Many times, even after religiously following the diet chart prescribed by a professional dietician people face malnutrition related issues such as fatigue, loss in stamina and immunity, vision deterioration, and many similar problems. There can be two reasons for this; one, the food items you are consuming are not true to what they say on nutritional index they come with or the metabolism of your body is different from what the dietician expected it to be. In both the cases, including appropriate health supplements such as Spirulina will be the ideal solution.

Spirulina is a health supplement made from two species of cyanobacteria and is considered to be a great source of protein and vitamins. According to a recent study, this natural nutritional supplement contains 55 percent to 77 percent protein by dry weight. It is also a great source of vitamins B1 (thiamine), B2 (riboflavin), B3 (nicotinamide), B6 (pyridoxine), B9 (folic acid), vitamin C, vitamin D, vitamin A and vitamin E. Furthermore, by regular consumption of this health supplement, you can take care of your body’s requirement of potassium, calcium, chromium, copper, iron, magnesium, manganese, phosphorus, selenium, sodium and zinc.
This natural health supplement is manufactured by a number of brands due to its popularity making the task of choosing the best name a challenge. This is where it is recommended that instead of wasting money in finding the so called “best” manufacturer, always go for a trusted name in the healthcare supplements’ business such as Nature’s way. The company is a leading name in natural health supplements segment and can be completely trusted. You can easily find Nature’s Way Spirulina supplements in powder, tablet and capsule forms at all leading stores dedicated to nutritional supplements.

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