Beet Juice Recipes – Juicing Beets for Health

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Frankly, I love juicing beets, and I’m not sure if it’s just me, but every time I feel tired or feel a cold coming on, beet juice really helps me get over it quick. Some people would say maybe it’s just a placebo. I do not care. I believe it. So I’m making an article especially for this special vegetable in my life.

So here’s some nutritional data about beets;

Beets contain calcium, iron, sulfur, potassium, beta carotene, choline and vitamin C.They are high in manganese, an important mineral for brain function. Beets are also high in minerals that strengthen the liver and gallbladder, and are the building blocks of blood cells and all cells in the body. Beets are known for their ability to cleanse the blood of impurities. We all have toxins in our body. They need to be cleaned up on a regular basis. Beet juice to the rescue.

Beet juice is super concentrated, so I strongly suggest you dilute with water or other juice.
Purchase firm, rock hard beets. Beets can be stored for months in the refrigerator.

Favorite Beet juice recipes:

Carrot, spinach and beets

4 carrots

beet leaves

5-6 leaves of Romaine or other leaf lettuce

3-4 spinach leaves

Buy organic carrots if you can. If you cannot find organic carrots peel the skin off the carrots. Clean and cut the beets into thin slices and wash. Wash and dry the other vegetables. Juice half the carrots and beets, and then you can use the remaining carrots to help push the lettuce and spinach through the juicer machine.

Power Punch Recipe

Juice 1 small beet juice.

Juice 1 pear.

Juice 1 apple

Juice one small piece of ginger a maximum of 2 inches.

Juice of 2 inches of salsify root.

Juice 4 individual celery stalks.

juice 10-12 carrots.

Juice of 1 small parsnip.

Sweet beets recipe

Juice 5 carrots

Juice 1 Apple

Juice 1.2 beet

Refresher recipe

4 ounces of raw beet (leaves)

3 ounces of raw cucumber

9 ounces of raw carrots

Some of you may be wondering what type of juicer i use. Most people who enjoy drinking juices regularly prefer the high quality machines such as the Omega or the Green Star. I prefer the masticating machines since these machines make the highest quality juice. Most other machines destroy the vital enzymes and vitamins in the juice since they heat up the juice. I use the Omega VERT which has done me very well over the past 3 months. Prior to that i had a Green Star juicer. Both work great.

The masticating machines from Omega are known to keep the juice cool and to keep all the vital nutrients inside the juice after drinking. Believe me you can taste the difference, big time!

Many people have used juicing to cure their bodies of illnesses. Since most illnesses are due to a lack of nutrition in the body, juicing beets and other vegetables can help cure dis-eases. You may have recently heard of the model, Carol Alt, who cured herself of breast cancer using a juicing and raw food diet. There are actually many people who have inspirational stories of detoxing their bodies and overcoming cancer, obesity, diabetes and other dis-eases. Click here to watch inspirational stories of people who detoxed their bodies and regained their life.

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Too Thin? How to Gain Weight For Men

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Lots of men out there dream of not being the skinny one. when i was 16 i weighed just over 9 stone and was very thin. After a few years i managed to put on a bit of weight with the use of some weight gain (this is the stuff that the Bodybuilders use to put on weight before the train.)

So after a number of weeks i started to see some improvement in my weight and in the end i got up to 11 stone. It took me about 8 months to get up to that weight.I was happy with my weight now, the thing was that after i had been taking all the weight gain products i had met lots of bodybuilders at the store where i was buying it from. They were all nice lads and after a bit they asked me if i would like to start going to the gym with them and give bodybuilding a try.

At the time i was just over 10 stone and thought that i would be to small to do bodybuilding,but it turned out that lots of them had started off the same as me under weight and wanted to build up some self after a couple of weeks i said that i would give it a go and went along. It was not long till i got into it and was going 3/4 times a week,it was a real buzz. All the people i met there were well into the bodybuilding and could not do enough to help. i continued with the weight gain products and started to take all the supplements,vitamins and proteins. my weight went up to 15 stone but it was all muscle, i looked good and my confidence was the best it had ever been in my life. That skinny lad at 16 had gone forever and i was now ready to take on life as a confident man.

After the things i went threw with my weight, i thought of all the other people out there who might be going threw the same thing.So i made a web page up to help anyone who has a weight problem.It has lots of info on health and fitness,things to eat and some pages on bodyduilding with some good links that realy helped me.

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Lots of men out there dream of not being the skinny one. when i was 16 i weighed just over 9 stone and was very thin. After a few years i managed to put on a bit of weight with the use of some weight gain (this is the stuff that the Bodybuilders use to put on weight before the train.)

Get rid of alcohol!

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Alcohol consumption is a means, not a drug. Once you apply alcohol to achieve a certain effect, whether to eliminate anxiety, to relax or to sleep better, it is abuse. At this stage there is still no need for alcohol withdrawal.

Harmlessness border and border risk
Following the guidelines of the WHO limit, alcohol is harmless for man with 24 g of pure alcohol and for women is 16 g of pure alcohol. This is the amount that you may drink normally per day. 20g correspond to a 1 / 4 l of wine or 1 / 2 liter of beer, although there is already risk in this area.

The risk, however limit is 40 g of pure alcohol for women and 60 grams of pure alcohol for men, if you consume this amount of alcohol regularly for an extended period, we must be prepared with great probability that, alcohol sick. Mader: “This process is slow, creeping over the years, the transition from normal to pathological drinking are flowing, that is the great danger that is often overlooked.

Alcohol withdrawal: Motivation is the key to successful therapy

The most important requirement for a functioning deprivation therapy is the motivation of the patient. The treatment, whether inpatient or outpatient basis can only be successful if the patient wants to participate and is reasonably self-motivated. Any compulsory treatment of addicts is pointless.

The concept of Kalksburger Doctors will therefore be “tuned-patient treatment only, with particular indication and to individual needs, as short as possible, as a prelude to a long-term outpatient treatment.

Psychotherapeutic interventions

The treatment of choice for an addict is the group therapy that is increasingly offered in Kalksburg. In the group given specific topics to be discussed, the patient is informed and learn the basis of a relapse of the patients present in the group, is what actually happens when you relapse.

If necessary, a single therapy is possible. Vary from department to department, the API specific group therapies (relapse group, anxiety group, self-confirmation group). The addiction is usually a secondary phenomenon. In general, there remains a basic psychological disorder that is treatable with psychotherapy.

Alcohol withdrawal: 3-step approach in the context of hospital stay

After the physical withdrawal (phase 1), Phase 2 is focused on psychiatric and psychotherapeutic, psychological and socio-therapeutic measures. At the same time begin the activation phase (phase 3), occupational therapy, which serves as a starting point for vocational rehabilitation. In this framework, it is also the possibility of retraining and vocational guidance at a branch of the AMS in the institution.

Career counseling and job placement are the last points of the hospital stay. Simultaneously the constructive leisure time is supported by intensive program of hiking, tennis, soccer, swimming and fitness. Specialized departments take care of seniors and young people. Individual attention is key here.

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The Anti-Nutrients In Grains

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Health experts appear to agree that the general population should be making a greater effort to consume more whole grains. For most Americans, there’s little doubt that the increased fiber offers tremendous health benefits, by virtue of reducing cholesterol and improving digestive health. So, while there’s a great deal of evidence to support this recommendation, there is a segment of the population that should be cautious of racing to increase their consumption of whole grains. It’s a fact that gets glossed over by most doctors, but it bears considering.

Most plants produce compounds called phytates. These compounds are responsible for the storage and transportation of phosphorus throughout the plant for growth. These compounds also strongly bind to many essential minerals, known chemically as divalent metals, such as calcium, magnesium, and iron. When foods rich in these compounds are consumed alongside high calcium or high-iron foods, these nutrients may be less bio-available. While the effect on health is negligible for most people, those individuals who are iron- or calcium-deficient should exercise caution in this regard.

Foods carrying the highest concentration of these phosphorus rich compounds generally parallel those rich in fiber. This means grains and nuts tend to be rich sources, while meats and dairy foods are relatively benign. In the case of grains, the portion richest in these materials tends to be the bran. This explains why more highly processed white breads usually have lower concentrations of these so-called anti-nutrients than most whole grain products.

While proponents of primal living and high protein diets lean heavily against the consumption of foods rich in these compounds, the jury is still out on their overall impact on health. There’s little debate about their potential for reducing the availability of many essential minerals, so the best advice for the moment is to weigh the potential risks of marginal reductions in mineral levels against the benefit one can reap from increased fiber in your diet.

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Low Sodium Recipes and Cooking Tips

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As I previously mentioned in an earlier post called low Sodium Diets, the FDA recommends that Americans consume no more than 2,300 milligrams (about 1 teaspoon) of salt a day. The depressing news is 1 ounce of pretzels or 2 tablespoons of salad dressing can pack upwards of 500 milligrams of sodium! Considering that salt is an ingredient in just about every type of processed food or restaurant meal, it’s no wonder most Americans are getting double or triple the amount of sodium they need each day. This is why I have written a few posts about Low Sodium Diets, and probably will continue to as I find new information.

Salt can add rich flavor to your food, but getting too much of it can also cut years from your life. Scientific studies have concluded that a high-sodium diet is linked to increased risk of high blood pressure, which increases the risk of stroke and heart disease.

What Can We Do?

Cutting the Salt in Your Cooking

The challenge has always been limiting the salt in your meals without sacrificing the flavor in your food. Here are three low-sodium cooking tips to help you make healthy, delicious meals that are good for your heart:

  1. Keeping It Real – Processed foods often contain high levels of salt the act as a preservative. The easiest ways to avoid these preservatives and control how much sodium goes into your food is to cook your meals from scratch. It’s not as difficult as it sounds. Cookbooks and internet websites offer many “quick and easy” low sodium recipes that take the guesswork out of cooking. Here are some other options:
  2. Be A Label Reader – Read food labels for sodium content such as salt, monosodium glutamate (MSG), baking soda, baking powder, and sodium benzoate. Look for products labeled “Sodium-Free” (less than 5 mg of sodium per serving), “Very Low Sodium”(35 mg or less), or “No Salt Added.”
  3. Learn When To Bend The Rules – When a recipe calls for a pinch of salt, try replacing it with other herbs or spices such as rosemary, marjoram, thyme, tarragon, onion or garlic powder, curry powder, pepper, nutmeg, cumin, ginger, cilantro, bay leaf, oregano, dry mustard, or dill.

What To Watch For (Major Hidden Sodium Sources)

Some items are worse than others but in my experience, the following items are typically high in sodium (but usually have low-sodium versions):

  • broths, dressings, soy sauce, bouillon cubes, meat tenderizers, seasoned salts
  • condiments like mustard, ketchup, barbecue sauce

What You Can Do

  • buy fresh fruits and vegetables instead of canned
  • buy fresh poultry, fish and meat instead of processed or smoked varieties
  • cook brown rice instead of instant or flavored
  • cook whole baked potatoes instead of instant or flavored
  • canned foods such as tuna should be rinsed before using (they are preserved in high sodium fluids)

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Kevin Jessup is an accomplished cook and has been researching Health and Diet recipes for over a decade. He is the author of several health articles covering Cooking Tips and has a website dedicated to the furthering the quality of healthly living called

Eat Clean Diet as a Proper Diet for Multiple Sclerosis

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Multiple sclerosis is a disease that does not have a formal consensus of the appropriate dietary routine of patients. It is a complicated condition that is triggered and influenced by many food factors. However, patients are generally incorporating certain dietary practices in their recovery process even though there is no clear medical study that a certain type of diet could treat this kind of disease.

A clean diet is a healthy balance diet, and is believed to be of great help. It may not treat the disease, but it stops further complications and development. Clean diet focuses more on food intake with a larger portion of fruits and vegetables, smaller amounts of meat, dairy products, and whole grain foods. This kind of diet is highly recommended for multiple sclerosis patients.

Multiple sclerosis diseases may not have obvious symptoms, but there are some signs that can indicate possible development. These symptoms can be eliminated and treated through proper diet, typically a clean cuisine diet. Among these symptoms are fatigue, constipation, and incontinence. By eliminating these, other symptoms are also limited or entirely prevented.

Multiple sclerosis patients need a lot of protein and anti-inflammatory oils. Therefore, a typical diet for multiple sclerosis patients should include aloe, since it is the most common and safest source of anti inflammatory oil. Other sources of essential oils include seeds, nuts, cold water fish, and orange, yellow, or leafy vegetables.

Whole grain products such as oats, wheat, and brown rice are also essential in a diet for multiple sclerosis. These whole grains boost up fiber components and carbohydrate intake. These food products are the core components of clean cuisine recipes. Although dairy products and eggs are sometimes eliminated from the diet, minimal amounts can be a good thing, as long as they don’t trigger any unwanted effects.

A good diet for multiple sclerosis patients aims to fix the causes of this disease. These causes include overconsumption of a certain nutrient, allergic reactions to some food, and effects of the toxic components of a certain diet. With proper dietary regime, these causes can be identified and eliminated.

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Professional online Bulk Supplements Direct offer revolutionary new unflavoured whey protein isolate

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With the unrelenting pressures of work, laden social duties and precious little time for relaxation it comes as little surprise that many of us fail to fully maintain both our internal and exterior health. Everyone will have, at some point, felt an overriding sense of guilt in not exercising to full capability or being unable to abide to a diet of optimum healthiness. However, many are now turning to the ever expanding wave of sports supplements, coexisting hand in hand with a stable and varied diet, and a well thought out fitness strategy, which provide the perfect solution. Bulk Supplements Direct is an online company specialising in every imaginable nutritional and sports supplement, from powders designed for rapid muscle accumulation to food stuffs aimed at ridding excess body fat, there is a range of goods to suit even the most obscure of needs.

With over 80 years worth of knowledge and experience, Bulk Supplements Direct is a major player in the health sector, imparting their abundant expertise on all those who shop with them. The key to their success lies in the fact that the entire product range is, whenever possible, thoroughly tested in real-world scenarios, as is loyally testified by Bulk Supplements Direct range of dedicated trainers. This testimony is however, not confined to their staff base, with customer statistics working equally in their favour. With a 95% customer retention rate they are amongst the most revered in the industry.

There are few more trusted than Bulk Supplements Direct to buy whey protein isolate in addition to all other less publicised diet supplements. They strive to make aware, to the best of their ability, the product profile of such less well known items. For those concerned, Bulk Supplements Direct state all the health benefits linked with each item, such as the fact that whey protein isolate contains peptide proteins , which is ideal for muscle mass growth and repair.

Bulk Supplements Direct has a multitude of differing nutritional goods, all of which are as ethically sound as they are professionally admired. Many are Halal, Kosher and vegetarian suitable allowing them to reach out to even the most religiously and morally sensitive of consumer. From mass gain to meal replacement to joint care, there are more than ample category choices to browse with the abundant info on hand allowing for a more well rounded purchase selection.

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Antioxidants and Erectile Dysfunction

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Today I want you to add vitamins C and E to your antioxidant arsenal to help battle free radicals, the unstable molecules that lead to so many of our common diseases. These two vitamins work great together in tandem to produce their antioxidant effect, while protecting each other from oxidation. They also help other antioxidants such as Pycnogenol, resveratrol, and grape seed extract do their good work throughout the body.

Vitamin C Benefits Vitamin C is present in citrus fruits as well as most other fruits and vegetables, including melons, strawberries, red peppers, dark green leafy vegetables, potatoes, and tomatoes. These natural sources of vitamin C can help block the heart-damaging effects of atherosclerosis caused by free radical damage to the basic structure of cells. This powerful antioxidant also increases the permeability as well as the strength of the capillaries and helps lower both cholesterol and fat levels.

Vitamin E Benefits By mopping up the free radicals, vitamin E, along with C, inhibits the oxidation of LDL cholesterol. This is important because once this “bad” lipoprotein is oxidized it can become trapped in the intima of the artery walls, damaging the lining of the artery and leading to the accumulation of fatty plaque deposits. In addition, vitamin E may help reduce the ability of the blood to clot,
thereby lowering heart attack risk. The inflammatory blood vessel process, which has been linked with coronary artery disease, can also be reduced by supplementation with vitamin E.

Medicine and science are always evolving, with new studies being published almost daily on topics ranging from how a particular food can reverse heart disease to how a prescription drug can lower cholesterol. Unfortunately, in reporting these new research findings, the news media often fail to discuss the particular nuances of a study or to describe who the test subjects were, how long the research lasted, or why other similar studies had shown no effect or else very little effect.

There have been innumerable examples of public panic over medical studies. One that comes to mind, however, is a recent vitamin E study in which the media unnecessarily scared people into thinking high supplementation with vitamin E not only did not reduce the risk of early death but actually might increase it.

When it comes to any medical study you may have concerns about, do what I always tell my patients to do: Discuss it with your doctor. A well-informed physician will generally have multiple sources of medical and scientific information as well as a network of colleagues who can provide broader perspective on the merits of the study.

Scientists are just beginning to understand how these nutrients work within the body, but it is becoming eminently clear that a daily intake of vitamins C and E, either from your daily meals or supplements, plays a major protective role within the body.
For optimal levels of vitamin C, I recommend at least 500 mg of vitamin C daily for maximum antioxidant power and heart and hardness protection. While food is the best source of vitamin C, if you are like most of my patients who barely eat three portions of fruits and vegetables, a daily supplement is definitely in order.

Getting adequate quantities of vitamin E that offer heart and hardness protection from food is often a problem. Most of my patients who adhere to low-fat diets have difficulty getting the recommended 200-400 IU of E from their daily diet. This is because vitamin E is found primarily in high-fat foods such as nuts, seeds, vegetable oils, and mayonnaise. Therefore, the best way for optimal daily vitamin E intake is through a supplement.

When purchasing your vitamins, look for “natural” vitamin E supplements containing “mixed tocopherols.” The synthetic versions of the vitamin contain forms that are poorly utilized by the body. Take up to 400 lUs every day with your meal to ensure optimal absorption.

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3 High Protein Foods

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Protein is an important nutrient to have in your diet because it helps to promote healthy hair and skin and strong nails. It also helps metabolism, the transportation of oxygen and nutrients in the blood, digestion and keeps bones strong and healthy.

When I go to the gym I always take a drinks bottle with a couple of scoops or whey protein in it. When I am finished it’s really easy to top the bottle up with water and drink. I know that I am taking around 35 grams of protein into my system and because it is in a drink format it will be in my system within 30 minutes.

The question is, where can you get the rest of the protein you need? And, how much should you be taking each day?

The amount of protein you consume on a daily basis is dependant on what weight you are. You should take about 1.6 to 1.7 grams of protein for every kilogram of weight. For example, I weigh in at around 95kg which means I should be taking between 152 and 161.5 grams of protein per day. In my two scoops of protein powder I will get about 35 grams to I need to top up from there.

The first high protein food I will discuss is red meat and in particular steak. I love a mouth watering juicy steak and always aim for around 12 ounces when getting one from a restaurant. Six ounces of steak will give you around 42 grams of protein so if I do get one at 12 ounces I will gain a massive 84 grams of protein to match.

It is not always practical to eat steak although that would be great for me. Another excellent way to up your protein consumption is through nuts. For example if you eat a quarter cup of cashew nuts you can expect to gain 5 grams of protein. Another nutty option is peanut butter which can be tasty.

There are two quick and easy ways to increase your protein intake. You have to remember though that there are traces of protein in a lot of food but the two mentioned above are high in protein.

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There are more high protein foods available and over at the Food & Drink site I discuss what other options are available to you.

info & History For USANA vitamins

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Usana Health Sciences Inc. is a Salt Lake based corporation that specializes in marketing of nutritional supplementations and vitamins. It obtained great media attention when its sales raised a staggering 1600%. But, if you would try to search for reviews about its products, you will find both positive & negative reviews.

Usana Health Sciences Inc. has been associated with several controversies due to their price range for their vitamins. The products they sell are much higher than the other similar medicines and supplements that are available in the market. Many people have opened blogs just to state their complaints about the products. keep in mind though that as the internet is full of info, often it’s better not to believe all the things you read immediately.

Usana uses a networking marketing policy when selling products. They allow average people become members of their multi-national company and each time these members sell the products, they will get commissions. It seem like a positive-positive thing because you will be getting the benefits of the products and earn money at the same time. But, there’re some problems with poor management and frauds in the recruitment procedure. For instance, there was a report about 2 Canadians that were laid off that were given cash money to keep their silence about the incident. Naturally, the company denies all that was said about this report.

Usana has been related to controversies about the prices of their vitamins & supplements. It has been said that their prices are 2 or 3 times higher than the ordinary supplementations. Also, there are complaints about the uneven or inappropriate amount of the nutrients or vitamins that are in the drugs and supplements. Some people have said that they have felt unexplainable side effects after taking some Usana products including but not limited to usana vitamins.

To learn if you would really like to try Usana vitamins, it’s greatest to look at a few authentic reviews. Do keep an open mind since there are always 2 sides to each story. Some people have benefited from using Usana products and many have not. Still, it’s best not to assume whatever you’ve read immediately.

If your searching for some multivitamin supplements you might have come across usana vitamins. If you look around for reviews you would see that many people say they are great quality products while others do not. This article is meant to provide some back story on usana vitamins.

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If you enjoyed this article you most likely would like to learn much more about their vitamins or many other tips and info on finding the best multivitaminso make certain to check out my blog which talk about in lengh topics such as nutritional vitamins and others.